Chim↑Pom "Sukurappu ando Birudo project: Paving the Street"

"Sukurappu ando Birudo project: Paving the Street"
Saturday, July 29 - Sunday, August 27, 2017
Closed on Wednesdays
Hours: 2 pm - 8 pm (The Street will be open 24 hours)
Opening reception (Invite only)
2Friday, July 29, 2017 from 4 pm - 5:30 pm
“Chim↑Pom Street Opening Ceremony” 5pm -
Venue: Kitakore Building 3-4-13 Koenji-Kita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo
FEE: FREE (The Street), ¥ 500 (Exhibition Entrance Fee)
Organized by: Chim↑Pom Studio
Co-organized by Garter Gallery
Supported by: TANK Corporation, PARCO Co., Ltd., Showa Neon Corporation, Kabukicho Shopping District Promotion Association

Chim↑Pom is pleased to announce a series of events that succeed “So see you again tomorrow, too?,” their solo show held in Kabukicho in the fall of 2016, and the publication of their new book! They created The Street in collaboration with architect Takashi Suo as part of their new solo show “Paving the Street” at Kitakore Building in Koenji. As a public space within a private space, The Street will be open to the public for free 24 hours a day (with an entrance fee to view the other works in the show.) As we will also be doing a pre-sale of “The City as Its People,” a book that covers the entire scope of this project including Chim↑Pom’ s first-time exploration of urban theory, at the venue we hope you can join us!

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GARTER is an artist-run gallery by Chim↑Pom and Garter opened in 2015, located in Koenji, Tokyo. Exhibitions are curated by Chim↑Pom irregularly at the rotten building which could be demolished at any time. Mainly extreme exhibitions by anarchic artists but there are many crazy Mr. and Mrs. Complainer around this building so no one knows how long it is going to continue to exist.

Kitakore Bldg., Koenji Kita 3-4-13, Suginami-ku, Tokyo


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